Review NSZK I Wageningen

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Last weekend, the student swimming competition started with the NSZK in Wageningen. With 30 swimmers, Ragnar conquered the seventh place! All the Vikings turned out to be in a really good shape and two club records were shattered: the 8x50m freestyle mixed relay and the 4x100m ladies’ relay. A great start of the year. The results can be found here.


Mini competition and welcome back drink

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On Thursday the 29th of September, the first mini competition of the year was held in preparation for the first NSZK in Wageningen. With 36 participants the competition was well visited. The official starter of the KNZB and the volunteers contributed to the huge succes of the evening. A welcome back drink was organised afterwards at a mystery location. The purpose of the evening was to let new Vikings and experienced Vikings get to know eacht other better and have lots of fun together. Afterwards, a select few finished the evening at Vrienden Live and showed off their best dancing moves.

The results of the mini competition can be found here.

Maxime mini competitie

Change of board GMA 2016

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During last Friday’s (23rd of September) change of board GMA, the 26th board of Ragnar was officially discharged from their posts. The 27th board of Ragnar has been officially installed on the 24th of September at 02:23 am. The composition and the board picture of the 27th board can now be found under the header ”board”.

Ragnar video

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Interested in swimming or water polo? Check out the video!

Not convinced yet after seeing this awesome video, do you have questions or already so excited that you want to subscribe?
You can find us at the Eurekaweek:
Tuesday at Sport City in the Excelsior stadium and Wednesday at the Information Market.

We will have our first swimming practice August 22 and our water polo practices will start August 30.

We hope to see you!

Old-boards dinner

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Last weekend, the old-board dinner took place. Board members from six different seasons enjoyed a delicious three course dinner at Humphrey’s Rotterdam. As there were a lot of memories to recall, we went for a drink in the city centre afterwards. Thank you all for a great evening, we hope more old board events will be organized in the future!IMG_4592

Balls night…

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May is not only characterized by the ball sport waterpolo, also the ball games bowling and playing pool were practiced by our Vikings. On the 18th of May, we had our Balls Night – How good are you with balls? Dressed up as a (corps)ball our Vikings played the three mentioned sports. The night become even more special when we announced the new board. Curious who will be in charge next year: click here!

Activities April!

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For Ragnar, April ended with two busy weekends: the Batavierenrace in Enschede and NSZK III in Maastricht.

In the weekend of April 23, Ragnar competed in the Batavierenrace. With a team of 23 Vikings, 175 kilometers has been run in a time of 14 hours and 49 minutes. Special credits to Wouter and Boris, they managed to become 6th and 9th on their stage respectively. Also credits to Anke, Iris, Sanne and Floris who traveled all the way to Enschede for the party! We hope that, in the meantime, everyone has become warm again and could catch up some sleep after this memorable weekend.

In the weekend of April 29, our Vikings competed in Maastricht during the third NSZK.  Many sharpened their personal records with the help of all the cheering from their fellow Vikings. The competition ended with a well-deserved seventh place. The next activity, balls night, is already coming soon. So subscribe via the following link: d/1ftW-N6HUHP_ NfzAx1GzrcujJSxNErmZJWscZeVE0Z Xc/viewform?usp=send_form

finish philipp

Ragnar Camp

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In the weekend of the 8th till the 10th of April 25 Vikings went back to the 90’s during Ragnar Camp. It was a weekend full with 90’s hits, games and treats, including some candy bags, playing living Stratego, doing a treasure hunt, building sandcastles and joining a playback show. Altogether it was great weekend!

fb dag23

NSK Open Water

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Ragnar has the honor to organize the NSK Open Water on 12th of June within the Like2swim Rotterdam, a unique swim event in the port of Rotterdam. The NSK is a national championship for all HBO and WO students in the Netherlands. You can choose between three distances, 250, 500 and 1000m freestyle and there will be a 4x250m relay. The start will be in the ‘Binnenhaven’ and the finish is in the ‘Entrepothaven’.

The subscription will open 21st of March and you have to subscribe via the website of Like2swim Rotterdam ( Here you can also find the subscription costs. The subscription costs include a swimming cap, towel, medal, personal picture of your finish and a finish certificate.The prices on the website already include the 2.50 euros student discount, but the first 50 students will get 5 euros extra discount sponsored by Erasmussport. So make sure you subscribe on time!

For those people with slow internet, no worries! After the first 50 subscriptions, Erasmussport will still give 2.50 euros discount for all Erasmussport sport pass holders. We will start with a pre-drink on Saturday and we will have dinner together after the competition on Sunday. You can subscribe for the pre-drink and/or dinner via the following link:

We hope to welcome you at our NSK!

Open training!

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Do you wanna get in shape for the summer?
Do you wanna become a true Viking?
Then we are looking for you! Visit one of our open trainings to see if you like Ragnar!

Open water polo training
When: Tuesday January 26th
Time: 21:45-23:00
Location: Sportfondsenbad Noord, Van Maanenstraat 8, Rotterdam

Open swimming training
When: Wednesday January 27th
Time: 18:30-19:30
Location: Oostelijk Zwembad, Gerdesiaweg 480, Rotterdam

We hope to see you next week!
Getting wet guarenteed!

For questions you can send an email to: