Student water polo competition

Ragnar joins the student water polo competition (NSWK). The competition is especially for beginners (also swimmers can join!). There will be 4 competition days during the year, which normally takes place on a Saturday- or Sunday afternoon. During a competition day, every team will play approximately four matches of two times five and a half minutes. Associations will play with mixed teams of beginners.

Would you enjoy to get involved with the student water polo competition? Please contact the water polo commissioner!

All competitions for the 2016-2017 season:

NSWKI 30-10-2016 organised by Ragnar Rotterdam

NSWKII 8-1-2017 organised by Aquamania (Leiden)

NSWKIII 5-3-2017 organised by Wave (Delft)

NSWKIV 21-5-2017 organised by JAWS (Amsterdam)

We will also participate in the following tournaments:

Wave Winter Tournament 3-12-2016 until 4-12-2016

Nayade Tournament

Goffert Tournament 26-05-2017

GNSK Eindhoven 17-6-2017 until 19-6-2017

Moby Dick 30-6 until 2-07

Piranha 2-9-2016 until 4-9-2016