Crazy 88

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After a rather sound pub quiz we, Vikings, were up for a more challenging activity this time around. Last Saturday, 5 groups of Vikings descended to Delft to shake things up a bit: it was time for a Crazy 88! What did we do? Well, we touched feet with our noses, we sang Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, we were hanging off bridges, pretending to be famous vloggers and licking ice cream cones. After this extremely fun afternoon, the Vikings were starving, and we went for a three-course dinner at Bregje. Thereafter, most Vikings were tired and called it a night, but some still had plenty of energy left and danced the night away!


NK Studentenzwemmen

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Last weekend, our Vikings descended on Leiden for the NK Studentenzwemmen. 23 Vikings made an attempt to conquer a medal, but to no avail. After the competition, our reserves were called in and we joined the party with 34 Vikings. The bingopoints were hauled in, which keeps us at a steady second place.



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Vikings do what Vikings love best: being in the water! Last Sunday, Ragnar traveled all the way to Nijmegen to play some awesome matches. With two teams Ragnar defended their first and second place title. And we defended it well! It was a fun day as you can see in the smiling pictures below!


Diner Rouler

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Dinner with friends is better than eating alone. But a while ago Ragnar took it a step further with the ‘Diner Rouler’. Almost 70 Vikings came together for this amazing evening, it is one of the most popular activities of the year! Why would you eat with one small group of friends, if you can eat with multiple groups of friends (and make new ones while you’re at it)?! The evening was filled with expertly prepared food and a three-Michelin-star ambiance, with each course served in a different Viking’s residence with a different group of guests. After everyone filled their bellies with delicious meals we met up in the city center to dance the gained calories away.


MH Licht en Geluid as main sponsor

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Marc Hoogendam is one of the few members of Ragnar who has been around long enough to know almost everything about the association. The past few years his company has been sponsoring us and this year too, MH Licht en Geluid will continue his partnership with Ragnar. We are very glad to have MH Licht en Geluid as main sponsor! Thanks for your engagement with Ragnar, Marc!

Easy wins for our water polo teams

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Last Saturday our Ragnar teams crushed the competition. The 1st lady’s team won with 22-2 in Rotterdam against NZ&PC Noordwijk. This made sure that our ladies are tied for the first place with Wave from Delft in the overall competition. Next to that the men’s team brought the victory home with an impressive win of 18-1 in Rotterdam. Now our men are second in the overall competition, however with one game played less compared to the number one anything is still possible. These results are a good motivator for our next games. The ladies will play against the Wiekslag in Alblasserdam and the men will play against the Scom/De Zeehond’73 in Rozenburg. Let’s hope our teams can keep up this streak of victories!

28th board

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We are proud to present the 28th board of R.S.Z. & W.V. Ragnar.

From left to right:
Activities commissioner: Daphne Moors
Swimming commissioner: Marjolein Simonis
Secretary: Jan Smelik
Chairman: Diederik Hartog
Treasurer: Michelle Lemmens
Water polo commissioner: Brenda Bos

First win for our water polo teams

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Yesterday our ladies’ and men’s water polo team played their first match in the KNZB competition. The ladies won with a wopping 10-2 against Poseidon and our men beat the competition with 8-11 against De Plas. Lets hope our teams can continue this throughout the season!

Thursday practice

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Dear potential Vikings,
Thursday 28th of September there will be a mini competition during the training. This means you unfortunately cannot try-out during this practice. We hope to see you during the other practices!

Big turnout this season

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The season kick-off is already a few weeks ago and the number of enthusiastic members is bigger than ever before! On the water polo practices, we’ve counted already 33 people. Although that is a lot, the swimming practice of last Wednesday beats that number with a stunning 51! Do you rather see that number of people only after the practice in the pub? Then I advise you to join the water polo practice on Wednesday and the swimming practice on Thursday, since those practices are a lot more quiet.

Two weeks ago an email was sent with some data of activities coming up. In case you missed this email, here is a short overview of the coming activities:

• 28 September:      Mini competition + welcomes drink

• 29 September:      Change of board GMA

• 6 October:              Constitution drink

See you then!