Ragnar is the student swimming and water polo association of Rotterdam! All students are welcome to join us. Our communication is all in English and we aim to give practices that are fun and challenging for swimmers and water polo players on every level. As we are an association for students, spontaneous drinks are not uncommon. Moreover, we organise various activities unrelated to swimming or water polo. All in all, this makes Ragnar a place where you make friends for life!


Ragnar has a large swimming section. We offer at least three swimming practices a week and we join five big swimming competitions a year! There is also a core stability practice every wednesday, so you can work on your perfect summer body.

More information about swimming.

Water polo

The water polo practices are twice a week. During the practices, you will focus on sprinting, legs, ball feeling and important situations like a man-off. Every season, we compete in the student water polo competition and join big water polo tournaments like Moby Dick or Zepta Ter Apel. Ragnar has a ladies team and two men’s teams in cooperation with Z&PC Rotterdam. These teams are competing in the Dutch Water Polo Competition.

More information about water polo.