The 31st board consists of six persons:

Chairman: Tim Alkemade

The chairman is responsible for the association. He keeps the overview of everything that is happening and makes sure all is going steady. You can contact the chairman at the e-mail address

Secretary: Anne Duivenvoorden

The secretary is responsible for the administrative side of the association. She is the first contact person for members and third parties, keeps the PR up-to-date and does the members subscription. You can contact the secretary at the e-mail address

Treasurer: Koen Stassen

The treasurer is responsible for the financial part of the association. He monitors all the money that is going in and out, makes the budget for the year, manages the bank account and makes up the balance sheet. You can contact the treasurer at the e-mail address

Swimming Commissioner: Simone van de Wolfshaar

The swimming commissioner is responsible for the swimming part of the association. Her main job is to make sure the three swimming practices all go well and work towards the swimming tournaments. You can contact the swimming commissioner at the e-mail address

Water polo commissioner: Rémy Letanoux

The water polo commissioner is responsible for the water polo part of the association. His main job is to make sure the two water polo practices all go well. Furthermore, he arranges the water polo tournaments we join over the year. You can contact the water polo commissioner at the e-mail address

Activities commissioner: Alex Wageveld

The activities commissioner is responsible for the activities not directly related to swimming or water polo. As a student sports association, we organise a variety of other activities. The activities commissioner organises those activities. You can contact the activities commissioner at the e-mail address