Do you like meeting people, working together and becoming an active member within the association? Come join a Ragnar committee! Below you can read all about our nine committees.

Swimming committee

Are you an experienced swimmer and do you want to be the Viking who coaches others? Then you are the right person for the swimming committee! At every practice two committee members assist the trainer at the side of the pool. Throughout the year, there will be three sidekick presentations that will help you understand techniques and how to explain them to others. Members will also assist the swimming commissioner Danaé at events like the mini competition, association championships, and NSZKs (students swimming competition).

If you would like to join, please send an email to the swimming commissioner Danaé, Tell something about yourself and why you want to be part of this committee!

Water polo committee

Do you have experience with water polo? Do you dream about scoring goals and water polo tournaments at night? Do we have to drag you out of the pool at the end of practice because you just can’t stop playing?  Then the water polo committee is perfect for you! The committee supports water polo commissioner Maaike with organizing our practices, various water polo events during the season and the tournaments. If you feel like this is a perfect role for you, please send an email to in which you something about yourself, your water polo and organizational experience, and potentially already some creative ideas for Ragnar! I hope to hear from you!

Activities committee

Do you not only love to party, but also to organise the party? Are you creative, spontaneous and a great party planner? Then come join the activities committee! Together with the activities commissioner Wieke, this committee organizes famous activities such as the beloved Diner Rouler and the one and only Ragnar Camp, but it also provides many opportunities to carry out your own inventive ideas. If you feel like joining this epic committee, then please send an email to,  in which you briefly introduce yourself and explain how you would add value to the committee. Also, please mention whether you have your driver’s license (not required to have!).

Public Relations committee

Are you our new social media expert? Do you love to take photographs? Are you a practiced professional in posting puzzling pieces and pretty pictures? Then you will fit right in our PR-committee. Together with our lovely secretary Marga you will be responsible for keeping our media channels up to date and fun to read, and for making sure all Rotterdam students know what Ragnar is. You create our very own newsletter The Viking with the committee. Also, you are responsible for taking beautiful pictures at activities and events to make these memories unforgettable!

If you would like to join this committee, you can send an email to, where you tell a bit about who you are and why you want to join. Also let us know if you already have experience with photography, although this is certainly not mandatory!

Auditing committee

Are you good with numbers and keen to learn about accounting? This committee meets three or four times a year, often before an GMA and reviews Ragnar’s accounts to check if the treasurer Quinta is doing her job correctly.  If you are interested in this, please send an email to, in which you briefly introduce yourself and explain why you would like to join the auditing committee.

Almanac committee

This committee will create the almanac for this season. It will be a yearbook to read through even years and years in the future, while your thoughts wander off to the wonderful days of swimming, playing water polo, and drinking warmish Lidl beer at tournaments. Do you like to write about and talk to old members, new members, and everyone who has a fascinating story about our association? Do you know how to design or would you like to learn this? Then you are the right person for this committee! If you are interested in joining the almanac committee, please send an email to, in which you briefly introduce yourself and explain why you would like to join this committee.

Clothing committee

The clothing committee is responsible for everything that revolves around clothing. Swimwear, sweaters, T-shirts and swimming caps are examples of the Ragnar clothing collection. The goal of this committee is to promote the clothing line and encourage as many members as possible to wear them. Furthermore the committee organises several fittings during the year and arranges the yearly order of bathrobes. If you are interested in this committee, then please send an e-mail to

Lustrum committee

Do you want to join our most exclusive committee? Once every five years we celebrate our existence. You will be responsible for the most epic party Ragnar has seen in years. Together with four or five others you will be deciding what our lustrum will look like. Nothing is determined yet, everything is possible.
The lustrum was supposed to happen in the academic year of 2019/2020, but Covid-19 forced us to cancel the festivities. That means that we have an extended lustrum period in the academic year of 2021/2022. More details will be revealed later in the season! Stay tuned…

NSZK committee

In December 2022, Ragnar has the honor to host our own NSZK!  Along with the swimming commissioner Danaé, the NSZK committee makes sure the pre-drinks are fun, the competition runs smoothly, the party is one not to forget and that everyone has a place to sleep afterwards. Also, they get to decide what the theme is going to be. This committee will be formed in February 2022.