Activities April!

For Ragnar, April ended with two busy weekends: the Batavierenrace in Enschede and NSZK III in Maastricht.

In the weekend of April 23, Ragnar competed in the Batavierenrace. With a team of 23 Vikings, 175 kilometers has been run in a time of 14 hours and 49 minutes. Special credits to Wouter and Boris, they managed to become 6th and 9th on their stage respectively. Also credits to Anke, Iris, Sanne and Floris who traveled all the way to Enschede for the party! We hope that, in the meantime, everyone has become warm again and could catch up some sleep after this memorable weekend.

In the weekend of April 29, our Vikings competed in Maastricht during the third NSZK.  Many sharpened their personal records with the help of all the cheering from their fellow Vikings. The competition ended with a well-deserved seventh place. The next activity, balls night, is already coming soon. So subscribe via the following link: d/1ftW-N6HUHP_ NfzAx1GzrcujJSxNErmZJWscZeVE0Z Xc/viewform?usp=send_form

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