Board Recruitment

Interested in joining the board?

Below you can find all the information you might need to know to apply or just to understand what it is like to be a board member.

First board interest drink:

Have you always wondered what the board members actually do? We are happy to answer all your questions tonight at ‘De Dijk’ after swimming practice (somewhere between 20.30 and 21.00). On top of that, we made a small summary of our job description below.

Application Process:

After asking any questions you may have had, you will have to fill out an application form. After this there will be a more formal event on the 20th of May to get to know you and a final chance for you to tell us what will make you the best candidate for next year.

What is it like to be a Board Member?

In general we can split up the tasks into 4 categories. Firstly and most time consuming being present at practices. There should be at least two board members at all times during every training, preferably in the water. Secondly being present at events. Members expect to see every board member at the NSZKs, NSWKs and to a lesser extent the activities and going out. Thirdly but maybe most importantly; meetings. While to the outside it may seem that every board member has their own part which they make the decisions on, almost all decisions are made in consultation with the others. Some form of independence is there but always at the discretion of the other five board members. Fourthly the roll-specific tasks. These are further described below. Of course, all of these tasks are important, but the whole year you will work very closely with your fellow board mates, which makes being any position a terrific function to fulfil.

What is it like to be a Chairman?

The chairman is probably the position with the most substantial possibility for flexibility within it’s job description. There still are a few things the chairman always needs to do though. Firstly, he or she is in charge of the meetings. You are responsible for finding out what needs to be met about and when it is going to happen. During the meetings you make sure everyone gets their say while still making sure the meetings don’t take to long. To be able to do this efficiently you need to know everything that is happening within Ragnar, so you need to keep yourself updated! Secondly you are in charge of contact with the university (not ErasmusSport). You apply for things like board subsidies and certificates of recognition. Besides that, the chairman does a lot of tasks that don’t directly fall underneath one of the others. This makes the job pretty unpredictable at times, as you have to solve the tasks and problems as they pop up throughout the year but at the same time this also gives the position it’s appeal.

What is it like to be a Secretary (a.k.a. Sexytary)?

During a board year in general, you learn a lot about working together, about planning ahead and about thinking in solutions. It is important to keep the (structured) overview. As a secretary, all of those things are especially important. During the year, you are responsible for some basic secretary tasks. Firstly, the clothing line. You promote the clothing line, plan clothing evenings for members, keep contact with our suppliers and order clothes from our suppliers based on the stock. Secondly the member administration. You (un)subscribe members and keep their data up to date. Thirdly the PR, we have a few social media accounts that you manage together with your PR-committee. The PR also includes the website. As a secretary you are responsible for all of these channels. Also, you are the first person people approach when members or external parties have questions. You’ll get emails from potential members to ‘internet gekkies’ to offers from certain companies, you’ll see it all. It is your task to answer these emails to the best of your ability

What is it like to be a Treasurer?

This position involves being on top of all finance things related to our association and our members. This includes payments of external parties and collecting incassos from our members on a regular basis. To do this, software is used to make aid in the accounting so that it is ongoingly performed correctly. Beyond any individual role being a board member means working closely with your fellow board members. In particularly the treasurer reviews budgets and checks that each activity or event is correctly budgeted and then enables it to go ahead. Making decisions on where to put the money is especially important for this and is very important in the yearly budget you have to make before you get installed.

What is it like to be a Swimming Commissioner?

The swimming commissioner’s most important task is being present at the swimming practices as much as you can. We have our trainers who make the swimming programs, but we also need sidekicks who can explain the swimming techniques to our members. You will make sure that our members have a great time in the pool and that everything runs smoothly. Besides practices, we also go to four NSZKs and one ONKS. As a swimming commissioner, you will make an invitation for our members on all social platforms. To earn fewer points than the other associations during the competitions, you will make a line-up and put this in Splash software. Making the line-up is a delicate puzzle in which the goal is to subscribe our association as fast as possible. At each NSZK, the swimming commissioners meet to talk about the competition and other swimmingrelated matters during the AAVZ. After an NSZK weekend, you will be the one organizing all bingo pictures and maybe even club records. Since you are in the swimming pool most of the time, you will receive lots of new members. Besides that you will have contact with Oostelijk Zwembad, Zwemcentrum Rotterdam, Erasmus Sport and Stichting NSZK.

What is it like to be a Water Polo Commissioner?

As water polo commissioner, you’re the face of Ragnar’s water polo for a full year. This starts at the Eurekaweek, where you will try to attract as many new water polo players as possible. In the first few months, you’ll get many emails from potential members and a lot of new faces will come to practice. You’ll be responsible for making them feel at home, and make sure that they will sign up and stay at Ragnar. This is most important at the beginning of the season , but you keep this role throughout the year. Besides that, don’t forget about all your “operational” tasks, i.e. organising (special) practices, keeping contact with Erasmus sport and Z&PC, and arranging everything concerning water polo related events of both Ragnar and external (NSWKs, tournaments). The task you’ll like the least is to take home and hang out the caps after every practice (which means you’ll have to be there practically every practice; this is expected from you!) There is one important aspect of the water polo co position that is often underestimated. Time; even though it may seem like a simple task, the board takes up more time than you think. Besides the “operational” tasks, you’re expected to be available constantly to answer questions and arrange things on the fly.

What is it like to be a Activities Commissioner?

The Activities Commissioner bears the great responsibility of ensuring that Vikings have a great time. A very important task, because Ragnar wouldn’t be the association you love without all its drinks, parties, camp, and diner rouler! As Activities Commissioner, you take care of all events unrelated to swimming or water polo. You facilitate the integration of the two sports by organising fun activities where all members feel welcome. Some of the most awesome activities return every year, yet the interpretation is entirely up to you. Do you have ideas for new activities or for improving existing activities? Feel free to mix it up and upgrade as you see fit! Your year starts with organising a board weekend, the constitution drink (cobo), and a welcome (back) activity. You’ll recruit members for the Activities Committee, of which you’re the chairman. During your first committee meeting, it’s good to plan all the activities for the season right away (at least pick the dates). Take holidays, exams of the big faculties, and competitions and tournaments into account when choosing dates. Camp and diner rouler are always part of the planning. Examples of other activities are karaoke night, crazy 88, pool party, brother & sister day, ice skating, pub crawl, etc. Together with your committee, you’re organising activities from scratch, so make a clear planning of what is to be done. That way you can be as creative as you like and have the most fun while actualizing your idea of a great time!