Our committees are of great importance to the association. Without them, there wouldn’t be activities, less money to spend and the marketing would be a mess. Committees take over tasks and responsibilities of the board and give input on every kind of business.


Activities Committee 2017-2018

Janneke de Wijs, Gideon Teeuw, Daphne Moors, Mark van den Hondel, Nicky Kamies and Max Mos.

The activities committee supports the activities commissioner in organising activities not related to swimming or water polo. Activities organised by this committee are for example Diner Rouler and Ragnar Camp, but also smaller activities like a pub crawl.



Auditing Committee 2017-2018

Floris Paasman, Louis Scoop and Aniek Markus

The auditing committee is the only independent committee. It checks whether the treasurer is doing a proper job managing the finances. Advise from the auditing committee is not binding.


PR Committee 2017-2018

Jan Smelik, Esther van der Ent, Nadia van de Woestijne and Valerie Slootweg

The PR committee supports the secretary and has several jobs. It makes sure pictures are being made at activities, writes posts for our social media accounts and keeps an overview of all the communication channels.



Sponsor Committee 2017-2018

Linda Punt, Stef de Vries and Michelle Lemmens

The sponsor committee and the treasurer take care of the acquisition. Not only acquiring new sponsors is important, keeping contact with current sponsors is at least as important. In addition to that, the sponsor committee maintains the relation with old members, for instance by organising activities for old members.




Swimming Committe 2017-2018

Janneke de Wijs, Brenda Bos, Mark van den Hondel, Haico Weijers, Iris Roskam, Marjolein Simonis, Mark van der Want, Veerle Scholtes, Maaike van Willigen, Sanne Nieuwenhuis, Elise Kortenbach, Floris Paasman, Nena Pardieck, Saara Wasama, Diederik Hartog, Michelle Lemmens, Stef de Vries, Daphne Moors and Jan Smelik.

The swimming committee is formed out of the sidekick committee. One of the most important jobs is to sidekick during the practices. Furthermore, the committee supports the swimming commissioner with several organisational tasks.


Water polo Committee 2017-2018

Marielle Kooij, Brenda Bos, Nienke van den Bosch and Stef de Vries

The water polo committee helps the water polo commissioner with some of tasks, like organising the NSWKs, making sure the summer tournaments are going well and supporting on other water polo related activities.