Confidential counselor

What is a confidential counsellor?

A confidential counsellor is a person within a certain organisation to who one can turn to with confidential issues. Most of the times, those issues are about cases like sexual intimidation or personal problems.

What kind of issues can I discuss with the confidential counsellor?

The most common problems are discrimination, bullying, and sexual intimidation within the association. However, it is possible to discuss other problems. Everything you discuss is confidential and will not be shared with others unless you give permission. In that case, the problem will probably be discussed with the board, so you can work on a solution.

Who is the confidential counsellor of Ragnar?

Our first confidential counsellor is Pablo Mol. He has been a Ragnar member for a few years now and has an open and friendly attitude. You can contact him by sending an email to:

Our second confidential counsellor is Sabien Dekkers. She has been known within Ragnar since 2020 and often you can find her lying in the competitive lane during swimming practices. She has studied sociology and is also open for a chat. You can contact her via