Honorary members

Ragnar has six honorary members:

Ronald Thomas (first chairman and founder)
Ronald Thomas – who gathered fame by lowering his pants on the first Ragnar day out, during a dinner in a Greek restaurant in order to get everyone to be quiet – is one of the culprits for the creation of Ragnar. His ambition to create a sub-association of the RSC was altered by the large number of Laurentianen who became a member during the first couple of months. Nonetheless, he was one of the first to make Ragnar a proper student association. Ronald Studied economics.

Aad Nales
Board member of one or two boards, but most recognized for his main-editorship of the historical water polo magazine, the Wickie. During his main editorship, results of swimming competitions were summarized to, at best, half of an A4, but water polo results were stretched out to lengthy epistles.  All details were discussed extensively, except the end result. Besides the sportive part of the Wickie, room was made for the (alleged) love life of members. Room was also given to the perils of Hans en Frans, men of career woman. Aad studied administrative IT.

Richard de Voogd
Richard de Voogd, better known as BraVroogd, has been a Ragnar member of first o-clock and was, besides the tasks in the multiple boards in which he was active, never far away from his next drink. Together with Frans, he formed the duo Hans and Frans, men of career woman. A duo that matched literature (in particular Reve), with a great thirst, forgotten libido and a general lack of societal motivation. In their column in the Wickie, they reached an unprecedented level and their contributions are commonly considered as gems of the post-war swim- and water polo literature.

Dino Dijksman en Krijn van Baerle
Dino Dijksman was, together with Krijn van Baerle, the most important trainers duo in the early days of Ragnar. Their mutual dedication was all the more impressive since none of the two ever received any compensation for their efforts. Dino plays in the second men’s team at ZPC and is involved with the practices of the youth. Krijn has a son who plays water polo on a high level. Dino And Krijn were both members of ZV Rotterdam (this has changed to ZPC Rotterdam), and they formed a bridge between the “civilian“ association and the “student” association.

Marja Verwoerd
Marja was the swimming coach of Ragnar in the early years. Marja was very passionate and made practices tough (1 mile swimming in jeans). Her pursuit to the highest level attainable for each member, made Aad a reasonable swimmer out of a bad swimmer, and others got swam very sharp PRs. Marja studied BMG.

Ragnar is forever thankful for their contributions.