Previous committees

The committees play a key factor in Ragnar´s success. Along with other members, these members make up the proud association we are today.

Activities committee 2016-2017


Wilner Kan, Elise Kortenbach, Iris Roskam, Mark van den Hondel, Daphne Moors and Gideon Teeuw. Ceren Imren is also a member!

Sponsor committee 2016-2017

20161121_171019 (2)

Jeroen Koenraadt, Diederik Hartog, Alicia Curth, Laura Vellinga, Yannick Mol and Jan Smelik.

Auditing committee 2016-2017


Ellen van Schie and Michelle Lemmens

Swimming committee 2016-2017


Mark van der Want, Marc Hoogendam, Mark van den Hondel, Tom van den Beemt, Darja Kopylova, Haico Weijers, Alicia Curth, Nadia van de Woestijne, Iris Roskam, Veerle Scholtes and Michelle Lemmens. Floris Paasman and Laura Vellinga are sidekicks as well.

NSZK committee 2016-2017

NSZK commissie

Veerle Scholtes, Jeroen Koenraadt, Ellen van Schie, Mark van der Want, Linda Punt, Wouter Jansen and Nadia van de Woestijne.


Activities committee 2015-2016:

activiteiten commissie

Wilner Kan, Boris Vlottes, Veerle Scholtes, Sanne Nieuwenhuis, Loes Wielink and Helen de Rooij.

Swimming committee 2015-2016:


Marcel van Leeuwen, Nadia van de Woestijne, Linda Punt, Lise Beijleveldt, Sanne Nieuwenhuis, Haico Weijers, Marc Hoogendam, Simone van Noord, Loes Wielink, Tom van den Beemt, Ellen van Schie, Mark van den Hondel and Clara Menargues Gomez.

Auditing committee 2015-2016:


Michelle Lemmens and Michiel Bosveld.