General info

We offer two water polo practices a week. During the practices, you will work on basic water polo skills like sprinting, ball feeling and game situations. The practices our made so that beginners easily can join, but that it is still challenging for more experienced water polo players. Every year, we join four student water polo tournaments and we go to several big water polo tournaments like Zepta Ter Apel and our favourite: Goffert. Moreover, Ragnar has three ladies teams and two men’s teams in cooperation with Z&PC Rotterdam. These teams play in the Dutch water polo competition.


Four times a year, the Dutch Student Water polo Competition (NSWK) is being organised. During this afternoon, you play several matches against other student water polo association. Afterwards, we have dinner together and you can get some drinks. There is a beginner’s pool and a pool for more experienced players, so that water polo players of every level can join.

The dates of the NSWKs for this season:

  • NSWK I – Rotterdam – 19 November 2023
  • NSWK II – Leiden – 21 Januari 2024
  • NSWK III – Utrecht – 24 March 2024
  • NSWK IV – Enschede – 15 June 2024

Next to the NSWKs, we join multiple regular water polo tournaments. Most of those tournaments are a full weekend. You will sleep in a tent, eat together, and party! These tournaments are the way to get to know the other water polo players better.

This season (2022-2023) we will join a couple of tournaments as well. The dates and locations of these tournaments will be announced as soon as possible!

Here you’ll find the rules and playing rules.

Click here for more information about the practices or the water polo competition teams.

If you have any questions or remarks, you can always contact the water polo commissioner at