Rules of conduct

Rules of conduct RSZ&WV Ragnar

Although we assume that these rules of conduct are obvious for our Vikings, we want to share them with you.

General rules:
– Everyone within Ragnar is treated with respect.
– Everyone is equal, regardless of ancestry, creed, gender, sexual orientation, disability etc.
– Within Ragnar all forms of physical violence, verbal violence or any other kinds of aggression are not accepted.
– Confidential conversations within Ragnar remain confidential and are not shared with others.

Rules concerning the practice:
– Be present at the practice on time to assist in setting up the pool and materials.
– If you know beforehand that you are going to be late, please notify the swimming/water polo commissioner.
– Everyone attends every part of the practice, unless there’s a valid reason. Don’t forget to let the trainer know.
– It is only allowed to quit before the end of the practice when the trainer is notified
– After practice you assist with cleaning up the pool and the materials.

Rules concerning the swimming practice:
– When hanging on the side of the pool, please make sure you’re not in the middle of your lane! Make space for swimmers that are not yet finished so they can turn without people in their way.
– When you want to overtake the person in front of you, please only do so between the pink flags and through the middle of the lane. Do not take over at the end of the lane because you will hinder people trying to turn. The easiest way to overtake people is to tap on their foot so they know they have to get out the way.
– Don’t start when someone else is about to make a turn. This will hinder the other.
– Don’t sit on the lines.

Rules concerning the water polo practice:
– Do not bounce the water polo ball on the floor.
– The water polo balls are not used during practice until the trainer tells you to.
– When using a water polo ball, take of your goggles.
– Take the level in water polo of the other Vikings into account, both in one-to-one situations as well as giving equal chances to people who are free to receive the ball.