Lustrum week

What a fantastic Lustrum week we had, thanks to all of your enthousiasm during the activities! First we had the old-members drink, with some of the first members ever of Ragner being present. On Monday we had the swimming game, with 4 teams battling eachother and team 4 coming out on top!

Tuesday the polo players got a masters training from Cas Westerwoudt, a player from the national team < 21 and exceptional competition player at GZC Donk. He let our vikings work! A great training for both beginning and experienced players.

Another activity was the underwater hockey on Thursday. 16 vikings got a class given by 3 experienced gentlemen and could have a go at playing this interesting and tricky game. Afterwards the vikings where still enthousiastic, but also a bit more bruised.

To finish the week off we of course had the gala! What a fantastic party! Many thanks to Anke, the gala committee (Rutger, Marc and Daphne), DJ Dave, and The Falcons, who all helped make it a night to remember. Lots of dancing and drinking, the way we had envisioned it. And everybody looked stunning! Pictures of all activities can be found on the public Facebook page!