Ragnar Extraordinary Lustrum

We proudly invite you to the most epic party month Ragnar has had in 5 years (March 27 – May 3)! There will be activities to everyone’s taste, but we honestly think all are worth their while. So, if you are seeking an EXTRAORDINARY month, this is right up your alley!

We grant you the option to either commit to attend all activities and make the most out of this festivity, or you choose which activities you’d like to attend individually. The choice is completely up to you! But going for the full package (€125,-) does give you a few additional perks:

  • A discount of almost 20 euro compared to buying everything separately
  • A free Ragnar Lustrum Calendar (also sold separately for 6 euro per piece)
  • A ticket to the “Lustrum Game”, which will be played among the Vikings who bought a package for the lustrum month
  • You can pay in instalments. (See below for more info)


POP a tie and WOW a dress: Friday, March 27th
The awesome lustrum kick-off. Before we go to our party location, we will have a fancy three course dinner including three drinks at a location that will be revealed later on. After that we will continue to the location of the party. The gala will be held at ‘De Nieuwe Poort’, very close to Rotterdam Central. We have chosen for a classy silver gala with notes of Popping pop-art colours and we hope to see you arrive in the same way. Also don’t forget to bring a date! The more the merrier.

Gaming for glory: Saturday, April 4th
This day is all about going back to the olden days of board games and old-school MarioKarting. After dinnertime we will gather at ‘De Burgemeester’, a cosy café in Delfshaven. Here we will spend the evening playing games. We will get you going with a drink and some bites to snack. The lustrum committee will make sure you can play everything from the classics to the games you’ve never seen before.

Songs & Splashes: Thursday, April 9th
A party that has become an instant Ragnar classic since a few years ago. On this day, one day before
good Friday, we are bringing back the yearly Pool Party. It will take place in ‘Zwembad Groenoord’ in
Schiedam once again. The older Ragnar members will already know why you want to be there. For
the new members; You can’t call yourself a true Viking until you have experienced this swimming
pool extravaganza.

The Hague Heist: Sunday, April 19th
An activity still shrouded in mystery. Chatter in thief message groups suggest that a priceless artefact
is going to be stolen somewhere in The Hague. The police has been notified and is on high alert. You
have gotten the following cryptic message from a shady friend but you have no idea what it means: GurFrpergPbqrVfCvaxCnagure
While you have no idea what your shady friend wants to tell you, you do know that she will reward
you handsomely if you find out.

Hullabaloo in the Harbour: Saturday, May 2nd
Have you ever found yourself thinking what they shall do with a drunken sailor? Well you are going
to find out during this cantus. We have arranged for a night of singing and drinking at ‘RSG’. On this
last party of the Lustrum you will sing for hours and hours and drink while doing it. On this maritime
themed night, you will receive three coupons for a pitcher of beer, and we will make sure you can
sing until your voice gives out.

Recover, Relax, Revitalise: Sunday, May 3rd
We really wanted to make sure that everyone would be ready to start studying for those last few
months of the year full of exams and deadlines. And no better way to do that than to withdraw
yourself from society for a day and sit in a nice bubble bath. We would like to see a sea of blue
bathrobes in ‘Thermen Holiday’ in Schiedam where we will visit the swimwear day. You will even get
a small bite to eat. After this the lustrum has concluded and you will have to wait another 5 years to
experience the next lustrum celebration.

College Cravings: Every Monday between the 27th of March and the 3rd of May.
Every Monday morning, we will organise a breakfast at the Woudestein Campus for you!


ActivitiesTicket Price
POP a tie and WOW a dress€45,-+1 ticket possible
-Dinner€25,-Incl. 3 drinks , +1 ticket possible
Gaming for Glory€5,-Incl. 1 drink and snacks
Songs & Splashes€10,-+1 ticket possible
The Hague Heist€7,50
Hullabaloo in the Harbour€17,50Incl. 3 pitchers
Recover, Relax, Revitalise€22,50
College Cravings€3,-Per time, included in the full package
Lustrum Calendar€6,-Included in the full package

Payment of the full package:
If you buy the total package before the 18th of January it is only €41,67 per installment. These
installments will be in January, March & May.
Buying the whole package from this date until March 15, will result in an amount of €62,50 per installment. These instalments will be in March and May.

Payments of separate tickets:
If you sign up for separate activities will the total amount will be deducted from your account in March.

Signing up:
You can sign up until the 15th of March 2020!
To sign up you can click here or copy the following link into your browser’s address bar: