Ragnar has been monitoring the Corona situation rigorously. The RIVM has now tightened its measures, which also have led to further developments from the KNZB (the national swim sport federation). 


The RIVM asks everyone in the new measures to stay at home with even the slightest symptoms, cancel events with more than 100 persons (which also involves musea and sportevents), limit your visits to elderly and vulnerable people. These measures will last at least until March 31. 


The KNZB decided with the measures of RIVM and the government in mind to cancel all competitions organised by the KNZB until March 31. They also advise associations to cancel their practices and activities. 


As an association which follows the KNZB, its rules and regulations, as well as their stance on the current Coronavirus, we have decided to cancel all trainings and activities until and including the 20th of May 2020. This  includes the activities planned for tonight. We will keep monitoring the situation rigorously and will keep you updated what the measures mean for Ragnar in the future.  
We are aware of the fact that the Gala is planned in this period. We unfortunately have to cancel this activity too. For now, there is no reason yet to cancel the rest of the lustrum activities but we do keep in mind that the period set by the RIVM might be extended. Regarding the organisation of the rest of the Lustrum we are currently unable to give you more details. We will update you as soon as possible about the Lustrum and all the subjects around it. 
We hope that you will act according to the measures set by the RIVM and that we informed you enough.

In case you have questions left about the situation please answer via