Let op: Aangezien er te weinig deelnemers zijn, is de triatlon tak van onze vereniging voor nu op inactief gezet. Bij voldoende geïnteresseerden kan dit eventueel weer heropgestart worden. 

Welkom bij TriSport Erasmus!

Erasmus University finally has its very own triathlon community! This is a collaboration between the EUR Roadrunners and Ragnar Rotterdam.

After a successful first year in action with many motivated triathletes we are excited to present you with this year’s activities! This year will consist of different packages with trainings for each discipline.


Due to the social distancing measures, all packages will be delayed until further notice. We will offer as much as possible from below as soon as we can. Follow our Facebook page for updates!

Cycle Package

This package includes 4 trainings with our very own training with Opdefiets! They will offer 2 cycle trainings and 2 transition trainings. The cycle ones will be focused around technique to help you speed around the track. The transition training is aimed at showing you what is necessary inbetween the disciplines on the day itself and give you pointers on how to improve these.

Indoor Swim Package

Before jumping in the outdoor water for training we will help you build confidence with 4 indoor sessions based around long distance technique and practice for the advances ones of you and the basics of swimming for those of you just starting out. By the end of this you will be ready to swim in the big open water and for that we have you sorted too!

Outdoor Swim Package

Once you have the confidence we would like to invite you to train with us outside to give you a taste of the real thing. We will guide you through all the key pointers necessary for the day


All packages include access to a one time running technique practice showing you key things to look out for when you train independently. Ontop of this, you are invited to EUR Roadrunner trainings on Mondays or Wednesdays.


Below you can find the timetable with all traings in it. We look forward to welcoming you to our training programme!

Payment and Registration

Spots will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis and are limited. To be considered as a complete registration both steps must be completed. You must have both sign up through the following link and have paid the payment request also linked below. You will receive confirmation of your registration once both have been received by us.


Voor vragen kun je ons hier mailen