NSK Open Water

Ragnar has the honor to organize the NSK Open Water on 12th of June within the Like2swim Rotterdam, a unique swim event in the port of Rotterdam. The NSK is a national championship for all HBO and WO students in the Netherlands. You can choose between three distances, 250, 500 and 1000m freestyle and there will be a 4x250m relay. The start will be in the ‘Binnenhaven’ and the finish is in the ‘Entrepothaven’.

The subscription will open 21st of March and you have to subscribe via the website of Like2swim Rotterdam (http://www.like2swimrotterdam.nl/zwemmers/student-swim/). Here you can also find the subscription costs. The subscription costs include a swimming cap, towel, medal, personal picture of your finish and a finish certificate.The prices on the website already include the 2.50 euros student discount, but the first 50 students will get 5 euros extra discount sponsored by Erasmussport. So make sure you subscribe on time!

For those people with slow internet, no worries! After the first 50 subscriptions, Erasmussport will still give 2.50 euros discount for all Erasmussport sport pass holders. We will start with a pre-drink on Saturday and we will have dinner together after the competition on Sunday. You can subscribe for the pre-drink and/or dinner via the following link: https://docs.google.com/a/ragnar-rotterdam.nl/forms/d/1g2Cs7MHS00vBEmwIAob7ahwoYUpEDIIF0ejByApeeFM/viewform

We hope to welcome you at our NSK!