NSZK 3 Rotterdam

Last weekend the third NSZK of the year was held in Rotterdam! The weekend started with a pre-drink on Friday night to get in the mood. Some very brave Vikings even did some dancing at Vrienden live afterwards.
On Saturday, our almost 60 Vikings put their best feet forward to shine at the competition! Another 8 (!) club records were broken this weekend. First, the 4×50 breaststroke mixed relay (Bram L, Marcha, Ionut and Karlien) set a time of 2:21.93, and became fifth overall! Gideon set a new record on the 400m medley (05:34,45), and Michiel improved the record for 50m backstroke to 00:32,68. Karlien improved her own club record on the 50m breaststroke (37,56). Fast Bram was also on a roll this weekend: he set new records for the 50m freestyle (24.85) and 100m butterfly (1:00.16). Also, the men’s 4x50m freestyle relay team (Bram L, Yannick, Gideon and Ionut), improved the existing record by 5 full seconds (1:44.70 ). Last but not least, the women’s 4x100m medley team (Dian, Karlien, Marcha and Linda), improved the old record by 21 (!) seconds, setting a time of 4:52.32!
With these club records, and the efforts of all other Vikings, Ragnar has conquered a beautiful 4th place! This had to be celebrated, and our Vikings did so at the party on Saturday night, themed Release Your Inner Beast! The bingo points have not been announced yet, but in any case, our Vikings appeared to have lots of fun that night. We had a great weekend and cannot wait to defend our place in the ranking at the next NSZK in Delft!

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NSZK 3 committee