Old Boards

Ragnar has had a board of members for over 20 years. As a Ragnar boardmember, you will take part in the organisation of tournaments, competitions, practices and activities. Furthermore, you are responsible for things like finances, promotions and contacts with the university.

Here you can find boards from the past.

27th board of RSZ&WV Ragnar (2016-2017):

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Activities commissioner: Iris Roskam
Swimming commissioner: Veerle Scholtes
Secretary: Mark van der Want
Chairman: Loes Wielink
Treasurer: Alicia Curth
Water polo commissioner: Laura Vellinga


26th board of RSZ&WV Ragnar (2015-2016):


Secretary: Nadia van de Woestijne
Treasurer: Aniek Markus
Chairman: Floor Verheijen
Water polo commissioner: Floris Paasman
Swimming commissioner: Linda Punt
Activities commissioner: Ellen van Schie


25th board of RSZ&WV Ragnar (2014-2015):

Chairman: Luuk Leeuwenstein
Secretary: Simone van Noord
Treasurer: Michiel Bosveld
Swimming commissionner: T├ónia Garcia
Water polo commissioner: Kevin van Laak
Activities commissioner: Anke Verstappen


24th board of RSZ&WV Ragnar (2013-2014):

Chairman: Oscar Da Costa Gomez
Secretary: Simone van Noord
Treasurer: Dennis Dieben
Swimming commissioner: Wouter Jansen
Water polo commissioner: Caetano Kluijver
Activities commissioner: Jemimah Erasmus


23rd Board (2012 – 2013)

Chairwoman: Jemi Erasmus
Secretary: Remco Visser
Treasurer: Alexander Elias
Swimming commissioner: Daphne Kerpel
Water polo commissioner: Nick van Diem
Activities commissioner: Victor Madrigal

22nd Board of RSZ&WV Ragnar (2011-2012)

Chairman: Sander Fischer
Secretary: Jacqueline Dekkers
Treasurer: Anne de Lange
Swimcommissioner: Tonny Zaal
Waterpolocommissioner: Dennis Dieben
Activitycommissioner: Remco Visser

21st Board of RSZ&WV Ragnar (2010-2011)

Chairman: Geertje de Boer
Secretary: Laura de Kok
Treasurer / Waterpolocommissioner: Alex Kortekaas
Swimcommissioner / Activitycommissioner: Else Bijl
General Member: Sofie Wouters

20th Board of RSZ&WV Ragnar (2009-2010)

Chairman: Tessa van der Wijst
Secretary: Margot Cloostermans
Treasurer: Sofie Wouters
Swimcommissioner: Koen Septer
Waterpolocommissioner: Marlies Vreeswijk
Activitycommissioner: Josien Broos

19th Board of RSZ&WV Ragnar (2008-2009)

Chairman: Mark Adriaans
Secretary: Ruben Cox
Treasurer: Daniel van der Maar
Swimcommissioner: Tessa van der Wijst
Waterpolocommissioner / Activitycommissioners: Anke Kleine-Rammelkamp

18th Bestuur der RSZ&WV Ragnar (2007-2008)

Chairman: Martijn van der Kamp
Secretary / Waterpolocommissioner: Leon Wijnhorst
Treasurer: Daphne van Altena
Swimcommissioner: Mark Adriaans
Activitycommissioner / Treasurer: Linda Caron

17th Bestuur der RSZ&WV Ragnar (2006-2007)

Chairman: Robbert Schuijff
Secretary: Ruthie Delwel
Treasurer: Harald Sniekers
Swimcommissioner: Bas van Ooij
Waterpolocommissioner: Jovita Schoffelmeer
Activitycommissioner: Saskia Herrebout

16th Bestuur der RSZ&WV Ragnar (2005-2006)

Chairman: Jelke de Gooijer
Secretary: Harald Sniekers
Treasurer: Harry de Bruijn
Swimcommissioner / Vice-Chairman: Rik van Daal
Waterpolocommissioner: Ronald Tonk

15th Board of RSZ&WV Ragnar (2004-2005)

Chairman: Sjoerd Jan van der Pluim
Secretary: Els de Winter
Treasurer: Harry de Bruijn
Swimcommissioner: Hans Kiers
Waterpolocommissioner / Vice-Chairman: Rik van Daal
Membersecretary: Peter Kleijnenburg

11th Board of RSZ&WV Ragnar (2000-2001)


Chairman: Luc van den Broek
Secretary: Evie Nagelkerke
Treasurer: Dimitri Schenk
Swimcommissioner: Marjolein Pieters
Waterpolocommissioner: Mark van Wijk