Start of practices 2017/2018

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For those of you who really cannot wait till next season: you can block the date of the first practice next season in your agenda already! This will be Wednesday the 23rd of August (no practice on Thursday). From Monday the 28th on, all practices will be as usual. The water polo practices will start again at the start of the new academic year, on September 5th and 6th, and start at 21.45 and 22.15, respectively.

End of practices

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The water polo practices have ended already unfortunately, but we still have swimming practices three times a week until the 29th of June! In the week of the 3rd of July we have our last two practices on Monday and Thursday. There will be no Wednesday practice in that week.


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Last weekend, the fourth and last student swimming competition (NSZK) of this year was held in Delft, and what a day it was! Not only did we conquer the 5th place in Delft, 8 club records and a Stichting NSZK record were set as well.

In the first relay, fast Bram broke the record for the 50m butterfly (25.84). Also, after swimming the 50 breaststroke in 30.19, Bram finally has his record all to himself. As if this were not enough, his 200m breaststroke time (2:30.32) was not only a Ragnar, but also a Stichting NSZK record!
With a time of 2:53.91, Karlien managed to break the 200 breaststroke club record as well! Dian swam to Ragnar fame on the 50m backstroke (33.83). Lastly, all three relays set new records or improved existing ones! The 4×50 butterfly (Bram L, Veerle, Hondelmark and Dian) set a time of 1.58.70, and Karlien, Dian, Laura and Maxime set a new record on the 4×50 freestyle (2:05.33). Last but not least, our 4x100m medley men’s relay (Hondelmark, Ionut, Bram and Derrick) improved the 6-year old record by 12 seconds, setting a time of 4:27.57.
With these great performances, and those of the previous three NSZK’s, Ragnar claimed a SIXTH PLACE in this year’s final ranking! To celebrate this, our Vikings did what they do best: party until the early hours. We had a great weekend and would like to thank DSZ WAVE for organizing the event!

Would you like to join student swimming, and water polo competitions next year? Come say hi to Ragnar at the Eurekaweek! We will be there at the Sports and the Information market. NSZK Delft        ijsjedelft

Goffert tournament

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Last weekend forty(!) brave Vikings travelled to Nijmegen to play the annual Goffert water polo tournament. This amazing weekend was not only great because of the beautiful sunny weather, but also because our lovely Vikings bonded even more over water polo matches, drinks and a party! All three teams showed some real team work, which is nothing but a great promise for Moby Dick and next year’s competition teams!

Goffert IMG-20170529-WA0018

NSWK IV Amsterdam

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After a year of playing matches the last NSWK of the season took place this Sunday. Are you curious if the two Ragnar teams won from eight different student teams from different cities? We are SUPER PROUD to say that both Ragnar 1 and 2 shined like bright stars and ended up at FIRST AND SECOND PLACE!! We want to take this opportunity to thank our opponents for the fun matches and our members for their great enthusiasm! Do you want to join Ragnar next year in the student water polo competition? Or.. even better.. do you want to play in our very first ladies/ men’s competition team ? Check the water polo competition section on this site!



Ragnar Camp

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Last weekend we finally went to our annual Ragnar camp! This year’s theme: Superheroes! Friday night started off with an intense speeddate session to get to know eacht other better to be followed by the very first Ragnar Beer Cantus (with its necessary penalties). Saturday was the day to shine off the Superhero theme. We started in the morning with a quest in which we had to discover the culprit of the mystery of Bear Thijs’s assault… We tested our superhero physical powers in the afternoon with some interesting challenges. The last aspect of a superhero’s abilities is the mental one. The superheroes tested their mental skills in a Pubquiz where different areas of knowledge were tested, a Superhero round included! After a nerve-wrecking beerpong final, team 5 turned out to be the best! You are the true RagnarSuperHeroes!!
IMG-20170518-WA0004 IMG-20170514-WA0048


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We all know that our Vikings are amazing swimmers and water polo players but did you also know they are fantastic runners? It was proven during the lustrum year of the Batavierenrace, that our 22 Vikings fight until the bitter end even though some obstacles occurred on their way to the finish. After completing 175km, the well deserved pizza boxes and beer cans were opened, the dancing shoes were put on to celebrate the end of the race at the biggest student party of the Benelux!


NSZK 3 Rotterdam

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Last weekend the third NSZK of the year was held in Rotterdam! The weekend started with a pre-drink on Friday night to get in the mood. Some very brave Vikings even did some dancing at Vrienden live afterwards.
On Saturday, our almost 60 Vikings put their best feet forward to shine at the competition! Another 8 (!) club records were broken this weekend. First, the 4×50 breaststroke mixed relay (Bram L, Marcha, Ionut and Karlien) set a time of 2:21.93, and became fifth overall! Gideon set a new record on the 400m medley (05:34,45), and Michiel improved the record for 50m backstroke to 00:32,68. Karlien improved her own club record on the 50m breaststroke (37,56). Fast Bram was also on a roll this weekend: he set new records for the 50m freestyle (24.85) and 100m butterfly (1:00.16). Also, the men’s 4x50m freestyle relay team (Bram L, Yannick, Gideon and Ionut), improved the existing record by 5 full seconds (1:44.70 ). Last but not least, the women’s 4x100m medley team (Dian, Karlien, Marcha and Linda), improved the old record by 21 (!) seconds, setting a time of 4:52.32!
With these club records, and the efforts of all other Vikings, Ragnar has conquered a beautiful 4th place! This had to be celebrated, and our Vikings did so at the party on Saturday night, themed Release Your Inner Beast! The bingo points have not been announced yet, but in any case, our Vikings appeared to have lots of fun that night. We had a great weekend and cannot wait to defend our place in the ranking at the next NSZK in Delft!

NSZK 3 pre party committeeNSZK 3 pool2

NSZK 3 committee

Old members’ drink

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Ragnar organised the old members’ drink last Friday! Old members contributed a lot to the evening by sending us pictures and “Little Rockets”, the old newsletters. Many old board members dropped by and this resulted in in taking very nice pictures with boards throughout the years. Great stories, tips and embarrasing moments Ragnar worthy were shared amongst old and current members. We are already looking forward to the next edition!

oudledenborrel3 oudledenborrel2 oudledenborrel1

Mini competitions and Ragnar dinner

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Last Wednesday, our Vikings united to celebrate their shared hobbies: swimming, waterpolo, and food. Despite the lack of starting blocks, our Vikings swum very fast during the mini competition! Mark (van der Want) improved his personal best on the 50 freestyle to 30.91 and Nena was with 44.00 the fastest on the 50m breaststroke. Furthermore, a couple of water polo players showed that they don’t need a ball to feel as a fish in the water. The beautiful times are very promising for our upcoming NSZK.

Swimming makes you hungry, this once again became evident after the mini competition. Bram (Lamberts) put yet another club record to his name: he managed to eat seven (yes, seven) spareribs. After a (maybe a little bit too) satisfying dinner, 30 brave Vikings were in for a few water polo matches. Ragnar 1 and 3 were on a roll and each managed to win two matches and get one draw. Ragnar 2 and 4 thought participating was more important than winning, they end up sharing the third place (each one draw, two lost).

We would like to thank the referee, Sanne, Michelle, Kristina and Floris for helping to register times, and Yannick, Dennis and Stefan for whistling the water polo matches.

The results can be found here.

DSC_0156 DSC_0325 DSC_0335