Ragnar commissies!

Would you like to meet people, work together and become an active member within the association? Come join a Ragnar committee! Below you can read all about our eight committees. Every board member will be present at the ‘Welcome (back) to Ragnar!’ drink on the 12th of September (https://www.facebook.com/events/502433857262558/), so you can also ask us any questions about the committees there. Please write a short motivation and introduction and send it to the email address mentioned in the committee information texts below. The deadline to apply for the committees is on the 27th of September at 23:59. The committees will start getting to work in the month of October.

Activities committee

Are you the life of the party but also the person bringing all parties to life? Are you a creative soul, a great organizer and enthusiastic about hosting activities for all members of Ragnar? Then look no further! The activities committee is looking for new members to help organize activities such as the famous Diner Rouler, our own Ragnar Camp, spontaneous drinks and many more! Also, if you have an idea for a fun activity, we’ll plan that together too!

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, please send an email to our activities commissioner Nadia (activiteiten@ragnar-rotterdam.nl) with a little introduction, motivation and how you think you’ll add value to the committee. Also, please mention if you have your driver’s licence (not required!).

Almanac committee

Great memories are there to be remembered. That’s why the almanac committee will create an almanac; a yearbook that will still remind you of this awesome season for years and decades to come. You can once again dream back to the times of being in the water, (hopefully) winning the integration bingo and drinking lukewarm Schultenbräu at tournaments. Do you have a talent for writing fascinating stories? Are you experienced with design software? Are you great at remembering what happened at De Vrienden last night? Or can you recite the story a Viking told last evening in BP? Then you are the right person for this committee!

Please send an email to our secretary Laurence (bestuur@ragnar-rotterdam.nl) in which you briefly introduce yourself and explain how you would add value to the committee.

Auditing committee

Do you like working with numbers and are you keen on learning more about accounting? Then the auditing committee is the committee for you.  This committee meets three or four times a year, often before a GMA and reviews Ragnar’s accounts to check if the treasurer is doing her job correctly. It does not matter if you have any experience or not, the entire process will be explained during the first meeting.

If you are interested, please send an email to Michelle (michelle.lemmens@hetnet.nl) in which you briefly introduce yourself and explain why you would like to join the auditing committee.

Lustrum committee

In case you don’t know yet: Ragnar is celebrating her 30 years of existence this year! Do you want to join such an eventful committee and help us prepare for this big event? You’ll be responsible for the activities held from the 27th of March until the 3rd of May together with 6 or 7 Vikings. The committee started last season, but we are still searching for some new inspiration! So, if you don’t want to wait another five years, join us now!

If you’re still hesitating or need some more information you can contact our chairwoman Janneke through voorzitter@ragnar-rotterdam.nl or approach her personally!

NSZK committee

This year we will set up the NSZK committee, which will be the organisational body for the NSZK to be held in Rotterdam in the beginning of the season ‘20-’21! As a team, you will organise one of the 5 student swimming competitions held next season, the pre-drinks and the afterparty. It is a very valuable, exciting and fun experience which results in a sense of great accomplishment and satisfaction when everything goes as planned. You can look back on an amazing experience and an unforgettable weekend.

If you would like to join, please send an email to our swimming commissioner Bram through zwemmen@ragnar-rotterdam.nl. Tell something about yourself and why you want to be part of this committee!

Public Relations committee

Social media, we can’t live without it anymore. The Public Relations (PR) committee focuses on showing Ragnar to the outside world but also to our members through our media channels. Do you have an eye for the perfect picture or an eye-catching post? Are you experienced with design software or website design? Do you know how to make Ragnar appeal to potential Vikings? If you have any of these skills or are eager to learn them, you will fit perfectly into the PR committee. Working in a PR team with your secretary Laurence, you will be responsible for Ragnar’s media channels and will get a lot of room to implement your own ideas.

If you would like to join this committee, you can send an email to our secretary Laurence (bestuur@ragnar-rotterdam.nl), where you can tell a bit about yourself and why you would like to join this awesome committee!

Swimming committee

Are you an experienced and motivated swimmer who wants to help and coach your fellow Vikings? Yes? In that case, you are the perfect person for the Swimming Committee! As part of the committee you, along with two other members, assist our trainer on the pool deck. As a part of the committee you will assist Bram with the organisation of mini competitions, club championships, NSZKs (student swimming competitions) and special technique trainings.

If you would like to join, please send an email to our swimming commissioner Bram (zwemmen@ragnar-rotterdam.nl). Tell something about yourself and why you want to be part of this committee!

Water Polo committee

Have you played water polo before? Are you really excited to play a lot of matches again and already missing the (summer) water polo tournaments? Do you have a blue Viking heart, and do you want to help letting the water polo side of Ragnar thrive?! Then the Water Polo committee is the place for you! The committee supports water polo commissioner Bryce with organising our practices / giving trainings, various water polo events during the season, the tournaments, and last but not least with the organisation of (again!) our own NSWK in Rotterdam!

If this sounds perfect to you, please send an email to our water polo commissioner Bryce (waterpolo@ragnar-rotterdam.nl) in which you tell something about yourself, your water polo and organisational experience and maybe even some nice ideas for Ragnar water polo already! Hope to hear from you!