Do you want to join Ragnar and become a Viking in the great city of Rotterdam? Here you will find everything you need to know! Ragnar is a student swimming, water polo and triathlon association. It doesn’t matter what you study, where you’re from or at what swimming level you are: you’re more than welcome to join us.  You can come visit and try out our practices 3 times for free to see our amazing association.

This season the men’s and women’s water polo teams are looking for new players! Click here to find out more.

Costs and benefits

Ragnar has an annual fee of 185 euros, including the obligated Erasmus Sports card. If you already have an Erasmus Sports card, the annual fee is only 60 euros. As a Ragnar member, it is possible to purchase an additional yearly Erasmus Sport fitness subscription for 66 euros. For the annual subscription fee there are lots of great possibilities to enjoy yourself with swimming, water polo and having fun. For this season it will include:

  • Four swimming practices per week;
  • Two water polo practices per week;
  • Participation in the four NSZK’s, the ONKS, the four NSWK’s and a selection of tournaments;
  • A wide range of social activities for/against a student-friendly price;
  • Access to Erasmus Sport facilities such as group lessons (excluding fitness), until the 31st of August;
  • An amazing summer body year round*

*no ‘guaranteed-or-your-money-back!’ is applied


Have you ever wanted to participate in a triathlon, but did not know where to start? Or have you done a triathlon before, but would be interested in doing it together with other people from the association? Together with E.S.S.V. Alcedo and E.U.R. Roadrunners, we are organising a special programme to prepare for a triathlon! Click here for more information!

How to subscribe?

Fill out the subscription form below.  Note: you have to sign a membership agreement and a consent form. These files have to be added to your form below as a PDF. (see the bottem of the form)

You can download the membership agreement here and the consent form here.

It is also possible to get these documents from one of our board members after practice. 

We hope to see you at the pool!

Formulier wordt geladen ...

Canceling your subscription

When you decide to leave our fantastic association, you have to cancel your subscription one month before the beginning of the new season. You can do this by sending an email to You will receive a confirmation of your cancellation from the board.

The new season starts September 1st, so you have to cancel your subscription before August 1st. When you don’t cancel your subscription on time, you are obligated to pay the fee for the next season.