Ragnar Membership

Want to become a Ragnar member?

Please download and fill out the form and hand it over at one of our practices. Don’t have a printer? Ask one of the boardmembers for a form during practices.

Click here for the form!


Ragnar has an annual fee of 159 euros. For the season this contribution will include:

-Three times a week swimming practice

-Once a week water polo practice (Ragnar will offer a second waterpolo practice for the first 12 weeks as a pilot)

-Once a week 30 minutes of core stability

-Participation to the four NSZK’s, the NSK, the KNZB water polo competition and a selection of tournaments.

-Acces to Erasmus Sport’s facilites (excluding Fitness)

-An amazing body (no ‘guaranteed-or-your-money-back!’ is applied)

Leaving us?

One month before the start of the new season, you have to send an e-mail or a letter with your request to the Secretary. You can send your e-mail to You will receive a confirmation from the Secretary.

The new season starts September 1st, which means you have to send your e-mail before August 1st.