Times of the swimming practices

Swimming practices

We have three swimming practices per week which are on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. All three practices are held in the Oostelijk swimmingpool. The swimming practices will start again on Monday the 22nd of August!

For the real enthusiasts, core stability will be given on Mondays from 21:30 until 22:00 in the swimming pool. A prefect way to become fitter or stay fit!

Monday  Wednesday Thursday
22.00 – 23.00 18.30 – 19.30 20.45 – 22.15
Oostelijk Zwembad Oostelijk Zwembad Oostelijk Zwembad

Oostelijk Zwembad
Gerdesiaweg 480
3061 RA  Rotterdam

Are you interesed in joining Ragnar? Feel free to come and join us for a practice! The first three practices are for free. If you want to join us for a practice or want additional information please contact our swimming commissioner Marjolein Simonis. She is available via