Water polo competition teams

Student water polo competition teams!

Starting from August 2017 Ragnar will have both a men’s and a women’s student competition team. Ragnar is looking for men and women who are eager to train and who are wanting to improve their water polo skills. The teams are formed together with the water polo association Z&PC Rotterdam. This nice collaboration allows you to practice two times per week with your team next to the regular Ragnar water polo practices. Since both teams just started they will play in the lowest pool. The ladies team will play in District 4 and the men team will play District 5. The teams (both men and women) consist of players from various levels. The teams will play around 20 matches per season which is equal to matches every weekend/ every other weekend. This is especially nice for you/us, students, as you will still have plenty of time to do other fun things on the weekends. The aim for the starting student competition teams next season is to create a basis for a successful contribution for the next couple of years in the regular competition. Besides enjoying sports again, you will come in a fun team with other students and have the opportunity to join in a range of fun activities. Are you getting excited at the thought of playing water polo matches together with other students on a regular frequency? Hesitate no longer and send an email to!

Ragnar H1

Practice times of the competition teams @Sportfondsenbad Noord


Monday 20.30 – 21.30

Thursday 21.15 – 22.15


Tuesday 20.45 – 21.45

Thursday 20.30 – 21.30*

* The women practice on Thursday is in the Ijsselmonde pool