Student swimming competition

During the season, Ragnar competes in six student swimming competitions (called NSZKs and NSK). The NSZK competitions are held amongst the 11 universities’ teams in different cities in the Netherlands. The NSK’s consist of a regular competition and one open water competition accessible to all students in the Netherlands. Every competition starts on Friday with a social drink. On Saturday, we compete in the water. After that, we all have dinner together. We finish the weekend with a big party. Depending on the distance where the competition takes place we either sleep in Rotterdam or in the hosting city.

All competitions for the ’17-’18 season:

NSZK 1 – Utrecht – 21 October

NSZK 2 – Amsterdam – 9 December

NK student – Leiden – 24 February

NSZK 3 – Eindhoven – 28 April

NSZK 4 – Maastricht – 16 Juni

Do you want to see what you can expect at one of these student competitions? Take a look at one of these movies: